Duct profiles that fit nearly anywhere


Round Duct is the most commonly used duct profile and is typically found in open ceiling applications. The duct diameter can be made as small or as big as required.

Half Round

Half-Round Duct can be used when there is a hard ceiling to attach to. This duct profile is typically used because there is not enough head room to install a round duct or to make the duct appear to be part of the ceiling rather than free hanging in the space.

And shape retention options for a complete look


The All-in-One support components require minor tools and are easily removable for maintenance purposes. The appropriate suspension support depends on the diameter of the duct. The AiO Support will cover 180° of the duct’s circumference up to Ø1220. For diameters above Ø1220, hanger coverage decreases due to shipping constraints. All-in-One provides additional support for 90° elbows.

360° Internal Hoops

Internal 360° Hoops are available in duct systems from Ø200 mm and up. The hoops come pre-installed from the factory on ducts up to Ø660 mm. For diameters above Ø660 mm, the suspension fiberglass rods are added on site. Adding the hoops is an easy process, as they simply glide in place.

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