Fabrics for every application

There are many different fabric properties for many different applications. Some applications, like swimming pools, require permeable fabric, food processing may require anti-microbial fabric, and a high school gym may require a custom color fabric to match the school’s colors.

Further options include anti-static, flame retardant and impermeable, etc. FabricAir offers a wide variety of fabrics with different combinations of properties to match any application.

Features & Benefits

Permeable fabric

Allows air to pass through it

Antimicrobial finishing

Keeps fabric permanently fresh and prevents microbial development

Anti-static fabric

Prevents the build-up of static electricity

Flame-retardant fabric

Burns slowly and does not quickly spread

Nonpermeable fabric

Is airtight with the help of a special coating

Surface printable fabrics

Provide an array of colors and designs


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Combi 20               Combi 70

Combi 30               Combi 80

Combi 60               Combi 85

Combi 65               Combi 90

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