Installs 40-70% Faster Than Metal

Installing Zip a Duct is Fast and Easy!

Step 1:

Stretch a cable between 2 walls or attach rail system to hard ceiling

Step 2:

Hook or slide sections of duct onto the cable or rail and zip together

Step 3:

Attach the starter component to the metal collar using the fixing strap.

Use in any open ceiling application


From food processing to cleanrooms, our fabric-based systems contribute to the health and comfort of all occupants.


Fabric-based solutions are an ideal choice for commercial facilities as they create unrivaled comfort and deliver perfect airflow with a dash of style that integrates with or enhances the interior design.


Health and comfort are essential in public facilities. FabricAir contributes to these attributes by elevating the indoor air quality with its fabric-based air distribution solutions. From fabric ducts to ceiling diffusers, our products can fit the needs of any application.


Whether occupants are actively exercising or watching a play, our array of fabric-based air distribution solutions are designed to accommodate a space’s specific requirements, creating a perfect environment and unparalleled comfort.

No balancing is needed!